Garden Fresh Filter
                            GARDEN SENTINEL Water Filter
     A straight forward Coconut shell activated carbon water filter that screws directly onto any hose bibb!
Successful gardens need living soilGood soil = healthy plants.  
You have compost and your mulch is going well. Your soil should be teeming with earthworms, bacteria and all those good bugs.
If you have city water, you most likely have chlorinated water! Killing your worms and good soil building life forms.
      Chlorinated water is designed to kill all bugs good and bad.
Good for keeping water systems clean. Not so good for your soldiers in the trenches.  If you use worm tea
or AACT you already know that you want unchlorinated water on your crops and your hard earned friends in the soil.
         If you want to give your soil and plants the upper hand!
                                                     I have your solution!
       Garden Sentinel is a hard working, plain-wrap, straight forward carbon filter that fits on garden hose 
bibbs and fittings. No bells and whistles!  No KDF pellets that add an antibacterial agent to the water.
Good for RVs, not your friends in the trenches. If you have found me, you must already know you need to remove
excess chlorine and other chemicals in your water!
       I strive to present you the best quality and price
in a plain wrapper, cost effective manner.

        For a limited time! Shipped for less than the MSRP of $19.99 each

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        Made in USA    30 day moneyback guarantee!       Thank You for your support!  Bruce Magnuson

             I am also a small farmer or a large gardener check me out at 
                                            under Fresh Picked Home Grown Banning Ca. 92220

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